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Karl - Eric Norrman

General Secretary of European Cultural Parliament


presentation: Listen to the Artists!
category: The Role of Culture

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The European idea has often been promoted by politicians, by technocrats in Brussels/ Strasbourg or by business. Too little over the years – by cultural personalities. Therefore Melina Mercouri´s initiative so important! but where is the strong Brussels support?
In this spirit the ECP is contributing each year with an interesting session, new European ideas, new European initiatives, new European projects – from a cultural perspective.
Presentation of some ECP Members. Presentation of some ECP projects.
The role of artists and intellectuals in the Intercultural Dialogue. Local identity, sub-regional identity, national identity, European identity… The role of cultural personalities in communicating the European idea. The Sibiu Declaration!
Cultural creativity through openness. Cultural and democratic values which are not negotiable. The heritage from Greece and the Enlightenment. The potential of Europe in a global comparison.
Schiller can still teach us a lot about Europe (not only “An die Freude”, but also Wallenstein, etc.). The problem with cultural politicians is that they change incessantly, which makes “cultural politics” in Europe a very unstable and weak phenomena. Artists, authors, philosophers and other cultural personalities represent a sustainable resource in the European discourse, so “listen to the artists!”
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Ambassador Karl-Erik Norrman is founder (2002) of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP), a forum for 150 cultural personalities from more than 40 European countries. As Swedish diplomat he served i.a. in Moscow, Peking, Geneva and Rome, was in charge of foreign policy, trade negotiations, development cooperation, UN negotiations. As ambassador since 1989 he was Swedish Commissioner General at EXPO 92 in Seville and in the 1990ies head of the Cultural Department, Foreign Ministry. He has also worked as opera singer and is author of several books and articles, i.a. about Germany, China, India, cultural politics, theatre, opera, design, European identities, football and transatlantic relations. He has two children and lives in Berlin and Stockholm.

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