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Sofi Daskalaki - Mytilineou

Sofi Daskalaki - Mytilineou is the president of the Cultural Centre of the City of Athens


presentation: The Philosophy and the Target of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens
category: Cultural Policy


Culture constitutes for us, in the municipality of Athens, a fundamental priority and central axis, upon which we work for the quality of life in Athens.
We view culture, not only with its narrow sense, but from a wider point of view, that covers a lot of aspects of daily life and contributes substantially in the prosperity of our fellow citizens.
For this aim the official institution that designs and realises the cultural policy of the municipality, the Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens, is converted in order to serve concrete objectives for a solid result: to offer qualitative and multiple cultural stimuli to all the citizens of Athens.
Culture should not be the privilege of the few. Culture should be addressed to all. The Mission of the Organization is to approach all those that for either economic, social or educational reasons, are excluded from all sorts of cultural activities whether that is entertainment, education, or a simple exposure to the arts.
At the same time, it is of at most importance to invest in you, supplementing and enriching the social education and experiences offering new stimuli, and extending the significance of culture so that it includes the challenges but also the opportunities of modern times.
In order to achieve our objectives, the Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens is formed around four axes:

The first axis perceives culture both as an element of entertainment and the promotion of the cultural level of the citizens.
The second axis is the aspect of culture promoting social education in fields such as training people more sensitive to environmental issues, introducing massively the use of new technologies etc.
The third axis is cited to the culture as a component of international prestige, promoting the international role of Athens. Within this framework the Cultural Organization Municipality of Athens inaugurates the “Documentation Center on Capitals of Culture”, after the end of the Symposium.
Finally, the Cultural Organization functions as a cultural umbrella, strengthening initiatives and movements that materialise in Athens by individuals and institutions.

Our philosophy in the Cultural Organization is depicted in our redesigned brand which uses as an icon a sun. A sun brilliant, Athenian, a sun - symbol of god Apollo, the mythological god of arts. A sun that shines for all of us, as precisely does the culture that we illustrate it’s for all of us, for each one of us, without discriminations and exceptions. A sun that lights up our lives exactly as the culture that we aspire to conquer. A sun that reminds us of the past, where we were inspired and that leads our steps to the future that we imagine.


Professional Experience
2002-up today City of Athens
Athens Elected City Councilor
President B.D. – “Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens” (Jan 2007 – up to day)
President B.D. – “Technopolis Cultural Venue” (2004-Jan 2007)
President B.D. – Municipal Radio “Athina 9,84” (2002-Jan 2007)
1985-up today Mytilineos Holdings S.A. Athens
Director for Corporate Social Responsibility & Communication
1980-2002 Mytilineos Holdings S.A. Athens
Member of B.D., (submitted my resignation after being elected at the City Council – City of Athens)
1982-1985 Bank of Greece Athens
Department of “Financial Studies”
1977-1982 Ministry of Co-ordination Athens
Department of “ Short-term Financial Planning”

1975–1977 London School of Economics London
Master of Science in Economics
1970–1974 Deree College Athens
Bachelor of Science in Business Studies – minor Economics
1964–1970 Athens College, Agia Paraskeyi, Athens
High School
1958–1964 Arsakeio, Psychico, Athens
Elementary School

Foreign Languages
English (Proficiency)
French (Sorbonne III)

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