Productivity of Culture

The Role of Culture

"If it is not to further friendship, then what should be the role of culture?" - HF

Images: First: ECCM Symposium, Second: "friendship: Carin Fisher and Spyros Mercuris"

Thursday Oct 18th - 12.30 - 13.30

Chair Person: Spyros Mercouris - General Coordinator of Athens European Cultural Capital 1985

"Branding of Culture"

Volker Hassemer, Berlin - Ex-Senator for Urban Development and Environmental Protection, Ex Senator for Cultural Affairs, Spokesperson for the Initiative “A Soul for Europe”

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Image: Volker Hassemer.

"Listen to the Artists!"

Karl - Eric Norrman - General Secretary of European Cultural Parliament

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Image: Karl Eric Norrman at the ECCM Symposium and in discussion with Spyros Mercouris.

"The Role of Museums, Foundations, Institutions"

Angelos Delivorias - Director of Benaki Museum, Athens

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"Cultural Heritage and Environment"

Kostas Carras - President of Hellenic Society for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Environment

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Image: Kostas Carras.

Intervention by Michael D. Higgins

It should not be forgotten that the basis of culture is an attempt at truth. It makes things come alive within our own system. Therefore it leads even to such interesting questions as to how to handle the guilt of the rich while there is still the Cartesian divide to be overcome. Still there is no universal norm of culture. However, Europe does relate itself to a concept of 'rationality'. Consequently, when observing recent developments, in particular migration trends, then the European project needs to be re-casted if there is to be created a Europe known by an open relationship between tolerance and demands for truth. There are many elements to be discussed. What worries him about the European project is that despite all emphasis given to humanities as source of its culture, still the Declaration of Human Rights cannot be tied in with the given European institutions.

Hassemer's reply

Interest is another basis for discussion, including the interest in other cultures.

There is a risk to loose people when speaking about culture. We have to come to terms with the reality of Europe. Its institutions are set up to organize regional policy, foreign policy etc. and most interesting is that now there is this wish to include in all European actions the cultural component.

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