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Takuya Kaneda

Takuya Kaneda is Profesor of Art Education, Tokyo


presentation: Children’s Imagination, the Truth of the World – the Experience of Kids' Guernica
categories: Cultural Policy + Kids' Guernica Exhibition at the Zappeion Megaron Athens + Presentations

Download the presentation "The Network of Kids’ Guernica International"


We, adults, are likely to lose our power of imagination when we see this world, which is full of violence and terror. Since I got involved in this Kids’ Guernica project, participant children’s imagination expressed in their peace paintings is always giving me a hope for the future. Imagination is the source of creative arts and has always enriched cultures. My ten-year experience of this project taught me that collaboration is very necessary to make their imaginative visions realities. The collaboration includes not only ‘among children’ but also ‘between children and adults’ and ‘among children and adults from different cultures.’ My presentation would emphasize the importance of imagination and collaboration in the process of this project.


Takuya Kaneda, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Art Education at Otsuma Women's University in Tokyo. Born in 1955. He traveled extensively in Asia and spent some years in Nepal and India. He is very active as the Representative of International Children's Mural Project and organized many workshops for children in different places of the world to grow peace consciousness through art. He is the co-author of Peaceful Children: Beyond War, Violence and Bullying (Osaka, 2004) and has written many articles on art and education.

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